Pozi Cover Caps, Bagged

  • Forgefix Pozi Screw Cover Caps are specifically designed for use with Pozi Head Screws, sizes 6 and 8 gauge or 3.5-4.5mm. The male pozi insert underneath the cap head fits snugly in to the pozi head of the screw.

    Offers a concealed yet aesthetically pleasing finish where screws would normally be bare to the elements or the eye.
    Used for many sign and sanitary installations as well as cupboard and carcass assembly.

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  • Black No.6-8
  • Cream No.6-8 Bag 100
  • Dark Brown No.6-8
  • Grey No.6-8
  • Light Brown No.6-8
  • White No.6-8 Bag 100
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