HSS-G Jobber Drill Bit

  • The DEWALT HSS G-Jobber Drill Bit is a precision ground twist drill bit for rapid drilling, long-life and excellent concentricity. It has been manufactured from High-Speed Steel that conforms to DIN 338. The drill bit is ground from solid stock and has a right-hand cutting, type N flute with a precision ground end at 118° point angle.

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  • 11.0mm OL:142mm WL:94mm
  • 13.0mm OL:151mm WL:101mm
  • 14.0mm OL:60mm WL:108mm
  • 2.0mm OL:49mm WL:24mm
  • 3.2mm OL:65mm WL:36mm
  • 3.5mm OL:70mm WL:39mm
  • 4.5mm OL:80mm WL:47mm
  • 5.5mm OL:93mm WL:57mm
  • 7.0mm OL:109mm WL:69mm
  • 8.0mm OL:117mm WL:75mm
  • 8.5mm OL:117mm WL:75mm
  • 9.0mm OL:125mm WL:81mm
  • DT5922 13 Piece Set
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