RE-NEW Silicone Sealant White 80ml

£9.17 inc VAT
  • Unibond RE-NEW Silicone Sealant refreshes old bathroom or kitchen. The auto-smooth nozzle allows you to easily apply directly over old sealant for a perfect finish. No other tools needed.

    Mould resistant, its special formula covers and stops existing mould whilst also helping to prevent future growth. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal joints in your bathroom and kitchen. Once applied avoid water contact for at least 6 hours. Average Coverage: 5m for 1mm coating layer.

    Clean the surfaces before applying. Treat mouldy sealant with bleach/mould cleaner then allow to dry thoroughly. Place the nozzle on sealant with UniBond logo facing you, tilt to ensure tight seal between the wall/bath, shower or sink. Lightly squeeze and push the bottle forward, keeping the nozzle at the same angle. Clean excess product with tissue during application. For a perfect finish, repeat step 3 without squeezing.

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