Fascia Boards

Fascia Boards
Fascia Boards
  • Fascias are boards which run horizontally along the roofline. The purpose of the fascia is to cover fixtures and associated fittings and ensure that they are waterproof and protected. Fascia Boards also help to keep the last row of roof tiles in place and add the finishing touch aesthetically.

    At Atlas we stock wooden fascia boards made from Cypress Wood. Cypress is one of the more popular materials, mostly because it is less prone to decay over extended periods of time. The grain texture of cypress wood also makes it much less prone to splitting and bending than most other materials. There are many types of fascia boards, as well as material types so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to help you make the right choice.

    In addition to Fascia Boards, we also stock Bargeboards. Bargeboards can have a large, visual impact on a home being attached to a roof’s gables. Of course, this is intentional since the main purpose of bargeboards is to make that part of the roof / building look better. They do also have a more practical purpose as they cover any exposed materials and help protect them. We also use Cypress Wood for our Bargeboards due to its weather resistant properties.

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