FatMax® Autolock Pocket Tape

  • The STANLEY FATMAX® Autolock Tape has been designed to be compact. Its ergonomic bi-material case provides increased grip and comfort for ease of use. The Autolock technology ensures the blade feeds out and stops the blade from retracting, whilst the blade can be retracted by simply pressing the button. The Mylar® coated blade offers 10 times more resistance to abrasion and wear compared to a lacquered blade. The tape is highly precise to Class II accuracy and features a Tru-Zero® end hook which moves to compensate for inside and outside measurements, providing an accurate reading. It has a 3m blade stand-out for increased reach and easier measuring. With a detachable hook that allows the user to work efficiently in different conditions. It also includes a secure hook storage, so you won't lose the tape when not in use.


    - Patented reverse lock mechanism for greater control and increased blade life
    - BladeArmor® coating on the first 80mm for double the blade life
    - Mylar® coated blade is up to 10 times more resistant to abrasion than lacquered blades
    - 32mm Wide blade delivering 3m blade standout for increased reach and easier measuring
    - 3 Rivet hook is 40% stronger than a 2 rivet hook
    - Detachable hook allows user to work efficiently in different conditions
    - Bi-material case for comfort
    - Includes Detachable magnetic and XL hooks for improved efficiency
    - Belt clip for additional convenience and accessibility

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  • 5m (Width 32mm) (Metric only)
  • 5m/16ft (Width 32mm)
  • 8m (Width 32mm) (Metric only)
  • 8m/26ft (Width 32mm)
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