46/44 x 1/4 TCT Bearing Guided Rebater 24mm x 12.7mm

£59.23 inc VAT
  • Trend 46/44 rebate set which include different size bearings for a choice of rebates, they provides easy setting up and accurate depth of cut.

    Ideal for rebating straight and shaped work pieces particularly with delicate applications such as musical instrument production when a small rebate is required for insertion of purfling.

    Tooling TCT.
    1/4in Shank.

    By changing the bearing the size of the rebate can be altered, Supplied with 3 bearings.
    22.0 mm Bearing gives rebate of 1 mm.
    19 mm Bearing gives rebate of 2.5 mm.
    16 mm Bearing gives rebate of 4 mm.
    D = 24 mm
    C = 12.7 mm

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