90° Template Profiler

  • Self-guiding cutters with bearings mounted for trimming and bevelling timber, lippings and plastic laminate edges for cabinet making, countertop production or any shaping applications.

    Bearing guided cutters are suitable for both straight and curved work, bearings are normally fractionally larger than cutter diameter, to avoid surface scoring.

    Trimming plastic or plywood overlay.
    Copy profiling - use the bearing to follow a template or base edge of board.

    A 3 mm approximate overlap should be left before copy profiling, also when using plastic laminate always allow laminate adhesive to dry before trimming. This avoids clogging the guide bearing.

    Tooling Tungsten Carbide
    1/2in Shank.

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  • 1/2in Shank 12.7 x 25mm
  • 1/2in Shank 12.7 x 50mm
  • 1/2in Shank 18.2 x 50mm
  • 1/4in Shank 12.7 x 25mm
  • 1/4in Shank 6.3 x 12.7mm
  • 1/4in Shank 6.3 x 25.4mm
  • 1/4in Shank 9.5 x 12.7mm
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