Teng Top Box and Rolling Cabinet Kit 704 Piece

£2169.89 inc VAT
  • The Teng Top Box & Roller Cabinet Kit is the ultimate tool kit containing a selection of the most popular hand tools (704 pieces). Manufactured from high-quality steel with a powder coated finish for durability. It comprises a 6 drawer top box and 7 drawer cabinet with ball bearing slides. Both are lockable for security. The kit comprises the following:

    TCW707EV 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet
    TT1217 17 Piece 1/2in Drive Standard Sockets 10-32mm
    TT3816 16 Piece 3/8in Drive Deep Socket Set
    TTEXT13 13 Piece Socket Extension Set
    TT1205 5 Piece 1/2in Drive Socket / Accessory Set
    TT1211 11 Piece 1/2in Drive Seep Sockets & Flex Bar
    TTHEX23 23 Piece 1/2in Drive Hex Bit Socket Set
    TTX02 Empty 4 Compartment Tray
    TT9116 16 Piece 1/2in Drive Deep & Standard Impact Socket Set
    TTID20 20 Piece Impact Driver Set
    TT9207 7 Piece 1/2in Drive Impact Accessory Set
    TTX03 Empty 8 Compartment Tray
    TT6508RS 8 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set
    TT6208 8 Piece Open End Spanner Set
    TTHEX7 7 Piece Hex Power Key Set
    TT8012 12 Piece Anti Slip Combination Spanner Set 8-19mm
    TTX1292 1/2in Drive Torque Wrench
    TTD914N 14 Piece Flat, PH & PZ Screwdriver Set
    TTD912TXN 12 Piece TORX Screwdriver Set
    TTX918N 8 Piece Flat, Regular & PH Screwdriver Set
    TTV907N 7 Piece Flat, PH & PZ Insulated 1000V Screwdriver Set
    TTV440 4 Piece 1000V Pliers Set
    TTDB28 28 Piece HSS Drill Set
    TTHR81 81 Piece Hand Rivet Set
    TTXF05 5 Piece Hand File Set
    TTPS09 9 Piece General Tool Tray
    TTXPB3A 3 Piece Pry Bar Set
    TTALU 32 Piece Add On Tray
    TC806SV 6 Drawer Top Box
    TT1435 35 Piece 1/4in Drive Socket Set
    TT3819 19 Piece 3/8in Drive Socket Set
    TT1218 17 Piece 1/2in Drive Socket Set
    TT1236 12 Piece Metric Combination Spanner Set
    TTVG05 5 Piece Power Grip Pliers Set
    TT474-7 4 Piece 7in Circlip Pliers Set
    TT440-T 4 Piece Power Grip Pliers Set
    TTMD74 74 Piece Ratcheting Bits Driver Set
    TT917N 7 Piece Flat, PH & PZ Screwdriver Set
    TTHT28 28 Piece Allen Key Set
    TTPC09 9 Piece Punch & Chisel Set
    TTCP121 121 Piece Crimping Set
    TC-COVER1 Tool Box Cover

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